Let\'s go to make the best memories

Chachamo Kids Club is a hands-on daycare facility where children from 0 to 12 years old can experience Japanese culture and enjoy nature experiences with friends from other countries.
Expressing various traditional Japanese events through origami and crafts is an opportunity to enrich children\'s creativity and make them more interested in Japan.

With children all over the world

Cha Chamo Kids Club is a service for children who visited Osaka on a trip. In a safe and clean facility where you can spend time leisurely, we have a kids program where you can learn Japanese culture and make friends with children around the world.

Special trip with kids

In addition to activities to enjoy beautiful Japanese art such as tea ceremony, origami, Japanese sweets, etc., we also go out to make events and play lunch boxes with local children.
It\'s not a short, simple activity, but you can enjoy what you like as much as you like.

Experience with the five senses

Chachamo has experience tailored to the four seasons of Japan.
In hot summer, we play water guns and flowing noodles.
In autumn we harvest and taste various fruits in nature.
In the cold winter, we enjoy cooking warmly in the kotatsu,
and in the spring we go to pick flowers and pick strawberries.
In addition to experiencing the culture, you can feel it with your five senses such as temperature, sunlight, smell, wind sound, fresh hydrangea such as fresh taste.

Child care × New experience × Learning → Growth !

While participating in the Kids Club, your child will stay away from the parents, think and act with their head, and engage with their friends.
Experiencing with the five senses through various activities leads to learning.
Chachamo staff will help your child grow.

Experienced and friendly staff.

Staff with experience raising children, such as nursery teachers, teachers, native speakers, and traditional culture teachers, are waiting for you.